Can Someone Help Me Package this ?

I’m working on a project and every time i try to package it i’m getting this ERROR , can someone help me with this ? I did not get any errors in previous versions of unreal , But now that i’ve updated my Engine i’m getting this error while i package a project .

  1. Create another empty project, set all the variables into the project settings ( Gear manifest, compress package, android paths, and so on ), save and close.
  2. Open the project you’re working on, right click on the map and migrate tne entire map into the new empty project you previously created
  3. Open the “empty” project, in the settings change the map to load on startup, then build.

I usually follow this trick to avoid getting those build errors, but I also notice that sometimes, even changing the name of the project results in a build failed error, so keep that in mind.

If someone from Epic could clarify on why those kind of build errors happen it might help, since I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out the problem, but I solved it using this trick.