Can Someone Help Me In Removing The Unecessary Collisions?

Hi there

I am currently making this in UE4 Architecture,but it seems that I still have a few difficulties. The place I’m trying to make is this place consisting of a fountain show and large theater. I have already made the FBX mesh in Blender,but it seems that there’s a mess with the collisions that I can’t enter it. When I remove collisions,they act like air and I fall to the world void. Here’s the model that I have made. I have placed a few textures and merged them into one uasset file. Newest Atrium - Google Drive

Please, anything would help…

Thank you for reading!!!

The scene is looking good.

From the asset it seems all your atrium is in a single mesh? Did you merge it in unreal? is it already a single mesh in blender?
So you cannot generate a simple collision shape that will fit this detailed geometry.

Best solution is to have your atrium geometry a bit separated. at least the floors and walls are independent geometries on which you can put simple collisions.

I think you can also define convex collision shapes in blender and then import them along your fbx in ue to use them as collision for your static mesh, but I am not very familiar with that.

Quick workaround:

  • you can go in details of your static mesh of your atrium and select “Use complex as simple” for collision complexity
  • you can also put cubes, hidden in game, that matches your floors, walls and pillars.

Some info on collision here too:

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Yes I merged it in Unreal. It was an FBX Mesh from Blender, and I added the floor and statue in Unreal afterwards. Thanks for your help!

It worked