Can someone help me in making a unreal plugin for Phantom omni haptic device??

I wish to integrate a phantom omni device into unreal engine. And like the occulus rift it requires a unreal plugin so as to take input from omni. Can some one help making a plugin for omni?

Hmm… that’s going to be tough as this device is not very widespread. I don’t know of anyone who owns one, and I couldn’t find one on eBay either. Would you be able to do the programming yourself? Which part exactly do you need help with? What is your ultimate goal?

Let us keep omni aside. If i want to integrate a custom device and need to make a plugin for it, are there any good tutorials or documentation where i can learn to do it programatically. I actually wanted to make a surgical game for medical training purposes, and omni is one the devices that i need to use. Any ways i can do some programming but i am new to unreal.

A good starting point would be our Plugin Documentation. Once you understand those concepts, you should take a look at the source code for one the many plug-ins that the Engine already ships with. There are also some interesting plug-ins on the forum, some of which are for input devices, such as the Leap Motion, Myo gesture tracking and Kinect. The Engine Source & Github Board would be a good source of examples, as well as help from the community.

Hi, brisingr,

Have you done creating an unreal plugin for haptic device? I’m going to use a haptic in unreal too. May I discuss with you about how to do this? Thanks very much in advance!


If someone are still searching for this, there is this plugin now

I hope it’s useful after all this time.