can someone help i have absolutely no idea why my textures dont load

Hello, very very new to unreal engine 4 but i am not new to game making, but anyway i want to make my own textures and stuff so i created a texture with paint, and it doesnt load once i place it on a cube. Is there texture downloading involved or something even though its saved on my computer, its just weird please help thankyou.

here is an image of whats going on.

There is no light in your level, so the material that is on the cube isn’t even lit up.
In the Modes window on your left, place a direction light actor from the Lights tab into your scene and your cube should be lit.

thanks thought when you placed down fog it came with lighting, considering it has a lighting slider.

The fog lighting is not what you want. Add a directional light and a skylight. 10 and 4-5 intensity. The brightness of the fog is not going to illuminate the level properly.