Can someone explain me how do i create a world like...

hello people,it’s time to create a level for my game,but the big problem is : How do i create a world with a mesh?(in order?the problem is when i try to go in folliage and set the mesh,when i try to “draw” my mesh into level it spawns random… if i generate a world the problem is that i can use only textures.So,for those who asking,what project are you doing?i answer immediately that i’m making a fps shooter with a graphic very similar to minecraft(cubic)
i hope someone can understand me and answer me,so i can proceed with my Project…Waiting for an answer…

The foliage spawning tool is meant to be used to create organic looking worlds, it is definitely not thought for voxel based worlds like Minecraft. I am afraid you will have to build a customer spawning system which aligns your blocks to a 3D grid.

Many people have worked on re-creating a Minecraft-like interaction in UE4. This is a particularly good series, but it is C++ based and right now still unfinished:

Have also a look at this Forum thread:

You may find useful tips on how to implement your game.

Last but not least, have a look here:

I don’t know how good this toolkit is and I never used it myself. Make sure you contact the author to ask all your question before deciding to purchase it.

Good luck with your project!

Hi Marco,thanks for your answer,If i make a world with those blocks i’ve created with cinema 4d and then i import the world i made into unreal?is that a solution?or it will be some errors while i “program” the map?

Thank you,So to make a game like i said i need to make it with C++ and not with blueprint??is that the only way?is there any other way to make it without C++?(Because i don’t know anything about C)…Also…is there any program that make 3D grid as you said for making that?

I could work, but you will not know for sure until you try. If you want to be able to “mine” your world, which means destroy the voxels, make sure you import each one as a separate mesh otherwise that will not be possible.

Very likely it is possible to do it also with Blueprints, you should try to look up some tutorials or ask on the Forum thread I mentioned above. Have a look at the last resource I linked. That is a toolkit which could help you. Contact the author and ask all your questions before buying it.