Can someone do a basic walk through with creating destructible that replicates?

Basically, I am working on a multiplayer game where two players blow up the level by shooting at each other. I want destruction to be a big part of the game but I cant get destructibles to act properly for what I need.

I can get the destructible to work fairly well on the server but clients dont see anything happen when it fractures. Its ideal if I can assign health to each object which seems pretty simple as it will allow me to reset things if the object has been fractured. I cant seem to find a blueprint command to force something to fracture. I am kind of stuck on this so far.

Any advice on this front would be awesome.

Just a heads up, but after a heck of a lot of messing with this I have been informed that breakables are currently not functional in version 4.7.5 when it comes to replication. This probably explains why I have been having so much trouble with it.