Can one mark a nav area as a certain type preventing it from being updated at runtime?

Is there a way to have some parts of a navmesh to be static, while other parts update at runtime?
We have a huge world, using world composition, and we mark some walkable areas in sublevels using navmesh modifiers. As far as I know, the only way to do that is using dynamic obstacles set to a certain area type. That works fine if we build the navmesh in advance, and set it to be static.

However other areas of the navmesh (which are also of a different area type) need runtime updates, as we’d like characters to path around obstacles placed there. This conflicts with the streaming of the aforementioned walkable areas though, as every time those or the terrain below them get streamed in/out, the navmesh is getting updated.

So, long story short: Can one mark an area of a navmesh in such a way that it’s not updated at runtime, while other parts allow runtime updates? Can one mark one NavArea type as not allowing updates at runtime?