Can not find the definition of EMassSmartObjectClaimResult and FMassSmartObjectRequestResult

I try to build the project from git: Ji-Rath/MassAITesting: A project primarily used to test UE5 Mass AI system (
it’s a demo of MassAI, but in UE5.1.1, got this error:

MassStateTreeClaimSmartObjectTaskPlus.h(25): [] Unable to find 'class', 'delegate', 'enum', or 'struct' with name 'EMassSmartObjectClaimResult'
MassStateTreeSmartObjectEvaluatorPlus.h(22): [] Unable to find 'class', 'delegate', 'enum', or 'struct' with name 'FMassSmartObjectRequestResult'

and in the code of engine, no definition can found, but in doc of ue5.1, it said they are defined

This might help - Smart Objects in Unreal Engine - Overview | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation