Can not delete default lighting


I am having problem with something as trivial as removing default lighting from the scene. Basically, I went with empty preset with starter content, and upon loading the preset, I have deleted everything from the scene, and imported just my single asset with gray, non-self illuminated material. Unfortunately, when I click rebuild lighting, I still get some blue light in the scene, despite having absolutely everything else in my scene deleted:

This makes no sense to me as when there is no scene environment or any direct lights, there’s nothing that can illuminate my scene and it should turn out black.

Did you tried to create new empty level?

World Settings -> Environment Color => Set to black.

Hope that’s it.

When you create a new level the lighting is already built for that level.
To remove the baked lighting check this box and then build lighting.

Later uncheck that if you want to bake lighting.

Thank you very much, you were the right one :slight_smile:

I can’t see the image. Can anybody explain where that option is?