Can no longer use any fixed array as uproperty

Hi guys,

I just upgraded my source 4.6 → 4.7 and ran into a problem. I used to have an exposed c-array of USTRUCTs (FTileEdge), like so :

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite) FTileEdge m_edges[4];

working well. It seems like c-arrays are no longer allowed so i have been trying to switch this to a TArray of some sort.

TArray<FTileEdge, TFixedAllocator<4> > m_edges;

Will fail with “missing >” which it is not. and all the “TStaticArray” variations fail as “Unrecognized type” no matter what i include.

So how do we expose a fixed size array of ustructs now?

Try remove BlueprintReadWrite from that property.

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You are correct, thanks alot m8. I just took for granted that it was the actual c-array that was the problem. Never assume anything :).

The problem still holds for the others (TArray with TFixedAllocator and all the TStaticArray), but I guess there is no need for the headertool to support them if the c-arrays work well.