Can Niagara emit particles from a mesh volume

Kinda weird, that so far I know you can’t do it.
For example in blender it`s super easy to do.


yeah thats not what I am looking for. This video is about particles along the mesh surface, but I want particles in a mesh volume.

Well, something you can do, is hack the static mesh location module ( copy it ), and follow the mesh normal back a random amount. That will do it.

Thats sound like a great Idea, thanks.

Definitely possible. If you get stuck, just say, and I’ll take a look…

In the Skeletal Mesh Location Module, I found a “offset position along sampled normal” parameter. On this parameter I use a “Uniform AOr BFloat” and make the A value a random(how far it follows the mesh back on the normal).
But thats also not really the result I am looking for, because at the example crow picture, you can see that at the beak and feet it is fine, but the belly area has a bigger volume and it looks a little bit thin.

I guess I look into blender, maybe I find how they calculate the points in the mesh volume.

You might also try putting that module in the update section… Only make a difference if you’re using a spawn rate.