Can NavMeshBound help a character to follow a pawn?

NavMeshBound can find a character and follow it well. But every time when I replace the character with a pawn. It failed. How can I make a character follow a pawn?

a nav mesh just creates data that a movement component uses to navigate within a level. what i assume your trying to do is move a pawn but its not working. this is due to pawns using different methods to move than characters. thats the general answer at least. given more information i could come up with a answer more specific to what your trying to accomplish. add a screenshot of your blueprint thus far and we can see how to help you.

Thx for your help.I want the enemy find the power-ups spawned in the map but failed. At the same time, I can make him follow the main character. So I start wondering whether the problem is because of the difference of their types.

so you have the enemy following the player. just use the same method you used there but change the destination. without seeing your code i cant really solve the issue.

I didn’t use the Unreal C++, I just use blueprint trying to navigate. Do you mean that navigation system in Unreal can not satisfy my requirement unless I use Unreal C++ myself?