Can navmesh generate on custom mesh?

Can I use a custom mesh with Navmesh? If so how do I specifiy which mesh it’s using? Also, would I need to create custom collision object for it or does navmesh do that?

If mesh is a UE4 brush then yes it auto creates a nav mesh that is viewable by hitting “p”, but if mesh is brought in from outside it doesn’t. If it does, then how do I get it to recognize mesh. I just created a valley type environment mesh, sort of “v” shaped. mesh is large but it was just a test. I dropped it in level where I already have a very large navmesh volume placed that was currently already creating nav mesh on a UE4 landscape mesh that I had tested. But when I place new custom mesh that I built outside of UE4 it doesn’t update nav mesh. So how does one go about it?

Hey ,

I’m not sure I understand question. When you drag a NavMeshBoundsVolume into a level and move it to location you want, it automatically creates a Nav Mesh around meshes in that location. Your meshes do need to have collision on them for your Nav Mesh to recognize them. Does that answer your question?


Does your mesh have collision on it? If not, open it up in mesh editor and choose one of options in Collision menu.

You might also need to make sure that you’re Nav Mesh is being rebuilt. Easiest way to do this is to enable Build Navigation at Runtime, which you can find in Edit > Project Settings > Navigation System.

attached image you can see bright green “landscape” mesh that I used UE4 to build. hitting “p” you can see bright green navmesh indication that it is built. However, land around it that is shaped like a valley is an FBX that I built outside of UE4, it only has one side like a sheet of paper, but it’s shaped like a “u” and sits inside navmesh volume. hitting “p” you can see that is it not bright green so no nav mesh is created over top of it.

It needed collision as you suggested. Thanks!

in my scene have two character ( one is so big as BOSS, one is normal ). could i use custom NavMesh is created in 3D software in order to indicate where BOSS can walk, and Others can walk.