Can my Instanced Static Mesh Component hold different Static Meshes?

Hi I am wondering if ISMC can instance many different types of static meshes in an array tile? Sorry if it’s a bit stupid question.

Hi, no it can’t. ISMC means only one static mesh (and also no lods). If you have lods, then you can use HISMC which is basically one ISMC per lod.

The usage of ISMCs is to reduce drawcalls. But for that you need the same static mesh with the same materials. You could of course do something similar to HISMC and have several ISMCs, one per mesh…

Also since 4.22 UE has autoinstancing, so you could profile draw calls to see whether or not you need ISMCs for your usecase at all.

Thank you very much for the direct and clear reply, appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue: