Can Multiplayer Hosts cheat?

I’m making a 1v1 online board game, kind of like hearthstone. Trying to manage all the game sessions in one dedicated server is a bit complicated and I’ve been wondering if I do it the listen server way, where one player is the host, can he cheat?

If so how do you tackle security in game hosting where one player is the host? Can he do whatever he wants?

Nothing on this?

As far as I know, if you’re not using a dedicated server, the host has full authority. So in theory, yes I believe so. The average player won’t be able to access what he needs to in order to cheat, but the ones who are knowledgeable enough can probably do whatever they please.

I guess yes. Clients “can” cheat too, but only on their instance of the game. But the Server has the authority over the replicated variables and can, if he knows how, change the value differently than through the game itself.

Kind of what I expected and feared… whatever i’ll get the dedicated server running with multiple instances somehow, thanx

You could always code in checks. Like if he gets hit and his health doesnt change, alert everyone he is cheating or shut down the game… If his hp goes out of range or his walk speed goes too high. It isnt completely foolproof but it would be an extra layer.