Can menu anchors be used in VR with an interactive widget component?


I’ve followed the tutorials on creating 3D interaction…getInteraction

The main thing i’ve found is that to use the actual widget requires creating an Actor blueprint and using a widget component and setting its “widget class” to the actual widget.

I’ve done this for three widgets - MainMenu, Options and a MenuAnchor - each of these widgets has an associated blueprint (MainMenuWidget, OptionsWidget and MenuAnchorWidget respectively).

But I can’t seem to get the MenuAnchor (which is set to the Main Menu widget) to open the MainMenu widget in the 3D world.

Attached is from the MenuAnchor onlick event - I know this is firing because after “Open” it is printing a string.



I’m assuming the answer is that a menu anchor can’t be used in VR to pop open a widget but what i did instead is just spawn the menu I want popped when with “on menu open changed”

Any news on that matter ?

Hi, I’ve played around now quite a bit now with the widget in VR.

I’m a bit confused by the question, but from what I can assume is that you want to be able to switch between three widgets.

The way that I find to work the best so far is to just set the current widget that is part of your widget to what you want it to be.

I tried using a widget selector, this would be the best way as you can store each widget as a child and set the active widget to the one you want displayed, however this has been problematic for me when I place more than 1 object of the same blueprint into the level and then it can only change on one object and the rest doesnt work