Can Keyboard Be Assigned to PlayerController that Isn't ID 0? (Local Multiplayer)

Hi, Was wondering if somebody might be able to assist with the following scenario:
I’m making a single screen, local multiplayer game. When it starts, I want each gamepad to register as a player in our game. So, if gamepad 2 presses start, they’re OurPlayer 1, gamepad 2 then presses start, they’re OurPlayer 2, etc.
Ideally, I would like the keyboard to also be assigned to whomever registered first. So, in the example above, if gamepad 2 registers first, I would like for OurPlayer1 to have Keyboard/Mouse and gamepad 2
Right now, in my GameMode i’m creating players for our max players using -1 to autoassign a controller (image below)

Any pointers or things to look into would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!