Can I use Unreal marketpalce content for mods for games based on unreal?

I currently try to make a mod for Ark: Survival Evolved and see a number of mods that I would like to purchase.
The Ark dev ki is part of the Unreal Dev kit, so I’m hoping they are interconnected.

Is it OK to use this content for modding Ark once I bought it?

I guess there’s an export-Import part that I need to do, which I still try to figure out as well, but att least it would be good to know I don’t break any rules.


I believe someone asked about this in regards to UT and it was said they couldn’t. Something about how people could then circumvent purchasing the content and just acquire the mod, or to that effect. I can’t seem to find the thread. It may have been in a stream. Maybe someone from Epic can clarify on this. =)

Iirc correctly you can use marketplace content for whatever project you want as long as you don’t distribute the source files itself.

Restrictions are there for content provided by Epic. You can only use these for projects based on UE4.

RK is built on UE engine 4.5 I think… I just wanted to be clear that its ok to use it on another game developed with the engine - but from your responses Im understanding that I can :slight_smile:


I would still wait for confirmation from Epic. If I’m correct in my recollection of how they approached it with UT, I would imagine it’d be the same for any other moddable game.

Its a bit ironic you answered SE_JonF :stuck_out_tongue: I was actually really interested in your sci-fi assets cos they look really brilliant.

Ark uses the unreal 4.5 engine and I access it through the unreal dev kit so I think its all the same family, but its just I wanted to be sure.

If its OK to use your assets I just wondered if it was possible to get the assets as a seperate packge that I could import directly into an Ark project?



Hey, thanks ShivM! I will send a link to this thread to the marketplace team so that we can get official confirmation on this. I wouldn’t want you to buy the packs and then not be able to use them for what you want. Hopefully we’ll get this clarified asap. =)

Edit: Just sent an email to the team, so we should hear back from them soon. =)

Hi all! Yes, it’s okay to use non-Epic Marketplace content in something like ARK, but only if the content is cooked, without the source content or assets included. I’ll get more information on that process and post back here when I have it. Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification. =)

Hi all! Quick update on this – at some point we’re going to put together a step-by-step guide to “sanitizing your content” for mod releases. The quick response is that you’ll need to cook the content manually so it can’t be extracted from the source, and copy over the cooked assets.