Can I use the shooter Game example in a paid product?

Hello! I was wondering if I can use the shooter game example from the learning tab in a game that will be commercial, not free. And if so, does it matter how much I change it? For instance, can I only change a few lines of code and models* or do I need to do a total change of the shooter game project before I can sell my game?

*Just an example

Yes that’s all fine, no problem. How much you change or charge is up to you.

Can you explain what you mean more?

There is a bit of concerning copyright in every script, should that concern me?

Epic owns the code - that’s why the copyright notices exist - but you are licensed to use it under the terms of the EULA.

yeah, there is a comment that says copyright epic games, does that mean I cant use it or if they change the EULA I cant use it?

Okay, but say, as an example, I have already published my game and then Epic changes the EULA to say I cant use the code, would I just have to remake my game or…? Basically can the EULA just change whenever and make my product not able to be sold?

Okay, thanks for the info!

You’re never obligated to accept EULA changes. I also don’t anticipate that changes every happening.