Can I use the Foliage Tool on the walls or ceiling?

I was wondering if there was a way to use the Foliage function on the walls or celing. I have tried to set the Ground Slope Angle to 0 - 360, unchecked Align to Normal, eat some toast without butter and played around with the Height values but with no luck.

I am probably just trying to do something the tool is not meant to do, however, it’s better to ask than guess!

Thank you very much!

Oh, by the way, is there a way to select foliage that has gone through the ground without having to use the Ctrl + Shift? Like, a rectangle? The lasso tool is kind of awkward to use. :slight_smile:

I did this with a project I worked on last year. It’s really easy to do:

Check ‘Align to normal’. This will make it so that the instances you place will be pointing down from the roof.
‘align max angle’ should be 180 degrees, so that objects can be rotated upside down and be on the ceiling pointing down.
‘ground slope angle’ should be ‘max 180’ so that they can be painted on upside-down things, and ‘min’ should be whatever cutoff from that you want. a value of 160 is good for roofs, but if you want to go fully free-form then 0 works too :slight_smile:
hope that helps.


Yay! Thanks. I will check it out and get back to you, if it works or not. :slight_smile:

Works as instructed!

Works, thank you so much!

Can not figure out how to apply foliage on walls though… Any tip?

Hi! Gakactic:
Set the ground slope angle more than 90 degres