Can I use particles as projectiles?

Can I use particles as projectiles?

Here is the thing, I’m trying to use particles as projectiles to hit enemy targets in UE 4.12.4.

As you likely know, it is possible to add events and collision to both CPU and GPU particles. The difficulty I’m having is how to communicate the notification of a collision event to the target &/or level blueprint.

(from this point on… I know how to destroy the enemy target, add explosion, add to score, etc)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

— JackAD answered this for me, it’s a neat fix so I just copy/pasted his reply here… thanks Jack!

Short answer: Yes

The easiest way would be to replace the sphere in the FirstPersonTemplate ProjectileBP with a particle system instead.

All you need is to have an Actor Blueprint, with a collision volume and a particle system and use the collision volume to do the hit events.

For mine, I used a Character Blueprint - only because mine are magic projectiles and I’m planning to do funky stuff with them.

I then use my AI character blueprint to spawn the projectiles as needed, giving them movement, a target, etc.