Can I use CCG Toolkit to build a blackjack Multiplayer game

I am new to Unreal and Game development, have been a software developer for many years, not involved much in C++, in C and Delphi, Visual Basic and other.

Will CCG Toolkit help me get started with my Blackjack Multiplayer game.

Hope I can get some idea from members inside

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According to the feature list it does support multiplayer. Having access to the inner workings of the kit would be a tremendous boost - not only would it allow you to take advantage of the ready-to-go functionality, ensuring rapid development rather than reinventing the wheel, but it would also allow you to reverse-engineer its elements. It’s a learning tool to boot.

On the other hand, UE4 is a complex beast as is. Just figuring out how to put a simple game together can take months (years if you have no experience). A card game WILL be complex; a multiplayer one - even more so.

Perhaps it would be more sensible to study some tutorials first - generic engine elements; get your hands dirty with blueprint communications - a notoriously tricky subject. Figure out how multiplayer is handled. UMG - the UI is a world to explore on its own.

If you already know how the engine works and shipped a game before, buying a kit can save oh-so-many headaches and help you steer clear of gotchas you did not see coming.

Otherwise I can imagine it being exceptionally overwhelming.

Thanks Everynone

I already purchased CCG Toolkit, and just get in doubt that it would be the best choice

Have been developer/programmer for a decade I have tried complicated tools, what struggle me is to find some guides that can explain Blueprint for a newbie, it sounds so great what you can do with Blueprint, another task is to find out how to use it, but I hope I will find out.

find some guides that can explain
Blueprint for a newbie

Most of the available materials and documentation is user friendly, imho.

I mean, the engine is several years old now. While the docs (and API) arefar from perfect, it is out there. Perhaps that’s a good place for you to start:

There’s a lot on YouTube, too. Head over to the forums if you have an open-ended question and AH is best suited for more direct questions.

Is there a specific subject you’re after that you cannot find?