Can I use an entry level graphics card?

I am a starting to make a game so I am thinking to start with my laptop of an entry-level graphics card.
Does the UE4 work with it

Yes, the absolute minimum since latest updates is Shader 5.0 GPU (aka DX11) and ealier versions even Shader 4.0 (DX10) GPU was supported which already been quite old GPUs when UE4 been released. GPU does not matter as much as Memory (which 8GB is minimum or else you gonna always have lags due to virtual memory use, 16GB is optimal) and CPU (faster CPU = faster shader compiling, and C++ compiling if you in to that, more cores is also better in those processes) as you can always turn off real time rendering on viewports which makes GPU not used at all, only wne you move camera or objects on the screen and you don’t need much FPS for that

There one issue as you mention laptop, lot of those laptops are powered by Intel GPU (inside CPU) which has constent issues reported with UE4 editor, it better if you have at least AMD APU or Intel+NVidia GPU laptop, AMD is the best here in terms of compability+price. Of corse nothing beats desktop computers in game development

Ofcorse less proforment GPU will limit you graphical possibilities, but you don’t need to use some super graphics in UE4. I only speaking here about if you able to use UE4 and do something at all on those GPUs.