Can I use ambisonic playback with built-in spatialization?

Turns out oculus audio is quite taxing on the performance side so we need to use the built in spatializtion but still want ambi playback.

i have been able to get ambisonic playback on an _ambix sound cue with built-in, but unable to lock it properly to the world (for an ambient bed). it was working properly for me with resonance out of the box.
what’s your use case out of curiosity?

Its working with the oculus plugin. Now testing the performance. I find the oculus hrtf filtering quite weird sometimes though.

agreed. oculus introduces a strange almost flange to ambisonic files. not sure if it is something to do with my setup, but i followed the steps here:

hrtf seems ok, but not super impressive. have you tried resonance? if you enable spatialization and reveb plugin under project settings/platform, ambisonic playback and hrtf feels pretty good right out of the box.

to get resonance’s occlusion you have to do a build of the engine, but upon testing that, it seemed equivalent to built in.

resonance, as dan said, is intended to be lightweight, which makes sense if one of its targets is android.