Can I use a transparent no-collision map tile?


((I would like to expand my world space by adding levels in a tiled fashion, similar to how World Machine fits heightmap tiles together. But instead of land, all what I want to assemble are invisible non-collision tiles, whose only purpose is to define the size of that level. These would in fact be sky boxes with trigger volumes to manually set the current level when a player crosses them.))

Actual Question(s)

I cannot figure how to go about doing this, or if it is even possible. I’m trying to get a grasp on the World Composition tool, and failing to identify its parameters for use. Unless I am thinking in terms of making physical heightmaps, this mechanism seems extremely abstract. What else does it permit besides coincident sub-levels, or a physical tile made in World Machine? I cannot select or move anything in the World Composition window, and and all I can import are tiled landscapes.

Essentially: Can I make a transparent tile (mesh)? How large can I scale it? Can I set my Z scale larger than X and Y to add vertical dimension? Can I make my skybox be my tile, and give it no collision?

Related Question

((I have been searching, but maybe I’ve missed it - is there anyone thus far who has succeeded in making a worldspace that is even slightly suitable to a space sim? There are posts from 2014 seem to indicate people were trying, but very few threads were updated after that year, that I have been able to find.))

I’m hoping that this question actually makes sense. If this subject is considered a minority interest and not worth answering, could anyone possibly suggest a game engine that can actually provide a little more space than 4 kilometers, or the possibility of more precision?

It is said that the illusion of limitless distance is possible in Unreal 4 using streaming levels, but how is this possible for flying around, with or without ground tiles?

Even an airplane simulator is near impossible in Unreal by default, from what I can see…

I’m going to close this question out by answering it myself - world origin rebasing makes this unnecessary.