Can I use a Terrain splatmap from Unity on a Landscape in UE4?

So, I’m switching over from Unity and was wondering if it was possible to use splat maps I’ve made in Unity in place of the regular Landscape weight-blended material. Below you can find my splat map textures:

I’d appreciate any help I could get on using these textures for UE4’s landscape system. Thanks in advance!

That’s a broad question in terms of how to do it in the landscape system of UE4. I don’t know if you’ll get a detailed, instructive response about it, but one place to start is searching the docs for how height maps are used to generate landscapes…and how to connect textures in a material for landscapes. I’ve read in forum posts that splatmaps were used, but not how it was done exactly. Perhaps, a search in the forums could turn up a few hints or directions.