Can I use a JPG for HUD?

I would like to design my HUD and Game menu system using JPG images - is that possible and can someone give a super simple How-To

I’ve tried to look at the HUD example and it’s beyond me :frowning: there’s so much stuff in the content browser that I can’t tell what’s what


Use tga, png or psd format for your textures.

Hi GeeksGoneBad,

As you noted there is the Content Example that handles the HUD for you to check out.

There are also a lot of community tutorials that can do the same by walking your through the HUD setup (This video is a user walking you through the Content Example we have)](Unreal Engine Blueprints - HUD 1/2 - YouTube)

You can also check out the Unreal Weekly News forum post that the community has driven to showcase all the tutorials that are currently available by Epic and the other users like TeslaDev, Hourences, and Fighter5347 (all prolific members of our community here on the forums!)

I hope this helps!

Thank you!


I’m sorry it doesn’t really help :frowning: I already mentioned that the HUD example was over my head and that walk through does not explain what I want to do at all - when it gets to the button he mentions that it’s in some class somewhere else and then goes on :frowning:

I looked through that long list of tutorials and see no mention of using JPG assets for a hud - and all the posts I see about HUD and game menu design all kinda say the same thing and point to the same tutorials - that aren’t tutorials like all the other tutorials that start from scratch and show you how to make something - from scratch :frowning:

Ulrich had the answer to your specific question regarding JPG images.

They don’t allow for alpha channels so you have to use PNG or TGA. I’ve never tried using PSD files for in-game textures because they tend to be very large file sizes.

In terms of how to design a HUD…well that doesn’t exactly fall under the Unreal umbrella. If you had questions about implementation of an already designed HUD we could probably help more, but if you’re just trying to figure out design then you should probably Google design tips for user interfaces (in games and other applications).

I am not talking about textures, and I’m not asking for help on how to design one, just how to get something in the game that I can click on - if I have to use a png that’s not a big deal I can do that - I still don’t know how I would get in on the screen as a HUD for my game - like for instance I don’t see any “Draw Image” type of thing like “Draw Text” where I could simple put a picture on the screen anywhere I want -I tried “Draw Material” but that did nothing I could see and even after that I don’t know how I’d click on these things - again there’s no tutorials walking us through this that I can find

They are in HUD blueprint. Create GameMode blueprint via big “Blueprint” button in Editor, then you will be able to create HUD blueprint, where you can setup your HUD

You will also need to create hitboxes that are the same size and position as your buttons to allow you to click on them. You will also need to set up some functionality for handling the clicks on the hitboxes. Look at some of the content examples on how to do this.

from what i understand , you want to know the easy way to create a hud ?
If that is the case , Simple huds are created via Hud blueprint which even that, is hard to make and requires experience and a good understanding of blueprint .
Complex huds are made via canvas , slate or Coherent UI , which is WAY too hard .

Epic is developing UMG < unreal motion graphic > which i think and i hope will ease the way of creating hud.

thanks for the replies! I’ll play around with the ideas for now but I guess I’m looking forward to the UMG! :slight_smile:

This was a question I had floating in the back of my mind as I’m learning UE4 - thanks for the post and to everyone who replied.

Yes, a very lightweight and simple to use Sprite object would be very handy in this case - I guess you can add me to the list hoping that “UMG” will make a nice fit for this use case…


Okay I came back to correct my earlier post.

Having mostly focused on 3D since getting UE4, I decided to look at some “2D” tutorials today, and I see there’s the PaperSprite and PaperFlipbook objects for when you want to work with “Sprites”. (You have to make sure the “Paper2D” plugin is enabled from the Window->Plugins menu.)

I’m just scratching the surface having just now created a new Blueprint for the Flipbook as per the tutorial.

So far it really looks to be a well thought out setup for Sprites, I see the mention of creating Atlases in the menus, and a bunch of other nice options available, looks to be pretty powerful - I can’t wait to learn more!

For some reason the animation of my spriteflip shows in the content browser thumbnail, but doesn’t show in the Blueprint component view like it does in the tut video, hopefully I’m just missing something somewhere.

Anyway, glad to see there is Sprite support in UE4!