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Thread: Unreal News Weekly

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    Unreal News Mega Collection

    Unreal News Mega Collection

    Hey everyone, I've decided to go ahead and give to the community everything that I have found to be helpful over the past 9 weeks since UE4 first came out. This compilation has taken me 2 days just to put down into a word document, and I have thus decided to not make an accompanying video where I give a quick rundown of all my findings. However, from now on, I plan on making such a video of what I have found to be the highlights of my weekly findings, as well as updating this post with links to said findings. Edit: Yea, previous sentence was written before it just took me several hours to make this post easy to read before i saw the WYSIWIG switch button. T_T Not sure if I have the heart to do this EVERY week, so I might just update this when I have enough stuff to warrant going through this hell again, and skip the videos covering the updates. IDK atm, cuz its 3am, but I'll think on it for now.


    As much as I may want to say I put this up for everyone selflessly, that is not the case. While I do not demand anything, I respectfully request two things of everyone who comes across this post and finds it useful.

    First, I ask that if you find something on this list that lets you understand some other, interesting or useful mechanic that you were trying to understand before, and there is not already a tutorial on the subject on this post, please consider making a tutorial describing and teaching your discovery. Not only do I personally want to share in all the revelations brought forth from this post, but I cannot imagine that others would not like to do so as well. So please, if you do make a tutorial, send me a link here and I will add it to the rest.

    Second, as I am hoping that this post will gain alot of traffic, I will usually post a link to a forum post describing what my latest problem in UE4 is (and yes, I believe there will be many). To that end, if you find this post helpful to you in any way, I please ask to you follow the link to my problem post and help me attempt to solve it. If you can't help me, then that is fine, all I ask is that you at the very least take a look. I am a novice at best when it comes to game making, and I have no support group to turn to other than the community, so I appreciate any and all help that comes my way.

    Stuff Highlighted in RED is the newest stuff that I have posted/Edited
    Such red posts will stay red until the end of the each week

    Hey everyone, I found a super site of good tutorials for VFX, but you need to have in site points to be able to get access to some of the better tutorials. I can get points on my account if you guys just go to the page below (1 point if you visit, 5 points if you sign up, but that is kinda hard). I would just buy the points, but I don't know how to use their Chinese version of Paypal. T_T


    Date of List Edits

    1. June 1, 2014
    2. June 3, 2014
    3. June 8, 2014

    My Problem of the Day

    Trying to make walls that come between my character and my camera sink down so I can see my character again.

    NEW: Trying to import an animated mesh that is NOT a character Woo, really helpful Dev over at the Answerhub helped out with this one. Look forward to some super cool fx!

    Now, on with the Post!!!!!

    Yea, I stopped looking for more youtube links after I got to the 500 mark in my favorites. D:

    Official Unreal Twitch Streams

    Here is a list of what topics were covered during each twitch stream.

    1. Week 1: Introduction to the UE4 engine

    2. Week 2: Discussion on Rendering

    3. Week 3: Discussion about various elements of Fortnite, Epic’s first UE4 game

    4. Week 4: Previewing the new 4.1 Patch for UE4 engine

    5. Week 5: Discussion about various tools within the UE4 engine

    6. Week 6: Revealing the plans for making a new Unreal Tournament, as well as a discussion on blueprints and virtual reality within UE4

    7. Week 7: Update on the progress of UT and a discussion on AI within UE4

    8. Week 8: Discussion on the blueprints and art direction of Tappy Chicken

    9. Week 9: Discussion on the upcoming vehicle template and sample project

    Community Tutorial Leaders UE4

    These are the people that have done the community a great service by creating wonderful tutorials, which are listed below their names. Included are links to their youtube pages, and other pages if applicable.

    Tesla Dev
    • Youtube:
    • Basic Pickup with movement
    • Actor look/face at player
    • Change Map via Blueprint
    • Enable project settings on Cooked Project
    • Nav Mesh Rebuild Realtime
    • First Person Flashlight
    • Basic AI Navigation
    • Blend Walk/Run (Third Person)
    • Basic Sprint System
    • Ragdoll / Simulate Physics
    • Text Face Player
    • Aircraft Engine Audio
    • Binoculars
    • Ambient Audio (Basic)
    • Fuel System (Pickup/HUD)
    • Draw Text/HUD Blueprint
    • Geocontrol 2 Workflow (landscape)
    • Basic Moving Platform
    • Sound Cues
    • Decals w/ free blood pack
    • Explosive projectile
    • 2 vids for beginners guide to player input
    • Basic Camera Feed
    • Physical Materials
    • Set Gravity
    • Crouch
    • 3 vids for Basic Hunger System
    • Collision
    • Time of Day
    • Interactable Button
    • Swimmable Water
    • Import Heightmap
    • Post Process Effects
    • Create an Explosion
    • Create a Cutscene
    • Simple Flashlight
    • 2 Vids for Destructible Meshes

    • Youtube:
    • Personal Site:
    • Three free, lengthy videos on his youtube channel about The Solus Project, a game he is making using the UE4 engine. All are a very good watch, even if you buy his other videos
    • On his personal site, he is selling 13 hours worth of video tutorials about how he made various elements of Solus. I have bought the first two videos and I have to say they are completely worth it.

    Pub Games
    • Youtube:
    • 3 Videos about creating a Tripmine
    • Basic Vertex Painting
    • Asset Importation
    • 2 Videos about creating Interior Water
    • 4 Videos about creating a Flickering Light
    • Screen Space GPU Fire Particles
    • 4 Videos about creating an Explosive Barrel
    • And Various UDK tutorials that are worth a look at.

    Tales of Nalstone
    • Youtube:
    • Primarily videos about asset creation, there are a few videos that cover him going and taking those assets and putting them into UE4.
    • His Videos are less tutorials and more him just talking about what he is doing while he is doing it, and with each video being at least an hour long, be prepared to have a good long sit down for an epic learning experience.

    Chad Reddick
    • Youtube:
    • His UE4 videos are all C++ based tutorials
    • Basic AI
    • Charged Projectiles
    • True FPS with zoomable third person
    • So sad I won’t be able to benefit as I know nothing about C++

    • Youtube:
    • 2 Videos on creating a health system, spawning a bomb, and applying damage all over a network
    • Springing using C++ and Blueprints
    • Zoomable Third Person Camera
    • Dynamic Global Illumination & Time of Day

    • Youtube:
    • High and low poly modeling tutorials
    • Really nice stylized floor texture tutorial
    • Material Functions and Basic Vertex Painting
    • Upvectors (defining the tops of things)
    • And some livestreams (I suggest watching the modelling livestream, its pretty rad

    Ceric Lasentri

    Virtus Education
    • Youtube:
    • VERY beginner tutorials for the basics of how to use UE4. Good to check out if you have never used a program like UE4 before or if you are having trouble getting to understand it.
    • 15 UE4 tutorials in total, with many other tutorials for other things, like HTML web programming

    Muhammad A. Moniem

    MetalGameStudios AKA Fighter5347 (All tutorials are both in English and German versions)
    • Youtube:
    • Material Functions
    • Changing Material Effects
    • Tessellation
    • Bump Offsets
    • Skeletal Mesh Matinee Animation
    • Blinking Lights
    • Blinking Bugs (particles)
    • Random Colors
    • Elevators
    • Candle Fire Particles
    • Vertex Painting
    • Cutom Weapons
    • Ice Material
    • Glass Material
    • Apex Cloth
    • Swimmable Water
    • Material Slots
    • Day & Night Cycle
    • Decal Actors
    • Creating a Flishlight
    • Custom Characters
    • Rigid Bodies
    • 2nd UV Channel
    • Attaching things to sockets
    • Material Nodes
    • Migrating Assets between projects
    • Wind Effects
    • Foliage Tool
    • LOD in blender/max
    • Exporting things
    • BSP brush
    • Landscape Tools
    • Collision
    • Creating an Interface
    • As well as various UDK tutorials that might be good to look at

    Roman Potapov (Many tutorials, but not in English. Russian, or German I think).

    Aydin UK




    Devin Sherry

    N0B0DY (o’s are 0’s)


    VIPVIT GameDev

    • Youtube:
    • Awesome set of tutorials of fun little things
    • 4 videos on how to make an Enemy AI Turret
    • 5 videos on how to make a Portal Gun
    • Teleporter
    • Billboard explanation
    • Flipbook explanation
    • 3 videos on how to make a PowerUP
    • How to add rockets to your spaceship

    • Youtube:
    • Importing models from Unity
    • Moving assets from Unity 4 to UE4
    • How to permanently resize a mesh within UE4
    • And tons of Skyrim Creation Kit tutorials, if that’s of interest to you


    Kevin Mitchell
    • Youtube:
    • 5 part tutorial series on how he makes his terrains
    • Also, a good number of videos showing off the results of testing various elements in UE4, including implementation of RPG Engine
    • Check out dat RPG swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag



    • Youtube:
    • Personal Site:
    • Tons of tutorials for cool VFX (particles) for both UDK and UE4 (same system = doesn’t matter which it was made for) with some free goodies on their site, and even more in depth stuff for sale.
    • I really suggest you watch the Fire in UDK Live Class. Its’ quite in depth.

    Yoeri Luos
    • Youtube:
    • Amazing 4 part tutorial on how to make mesh based particle effects. A truly wonderful person, as there is very little documentation out there about creating this sort of thing.
    • Also has a post in the forum about this, called Luos Particle Showcase or something

    Chris Cobb

    Geo Dav



    Weaver Games

    Peter L. Newton
    • Youtube:
    • 5 Vid tutorial on the AI Behavior Tree & NavMeshes
    • Adding Camera Sway/Lag
    • Creating a Custom Cursor
    • Double Jumping
    • Checkpoints
    • Shooting Projectiles at Mouse Position (Top Down)
    • Not many vidoes currently, but I love the way this guy teaches




    • Youtube:
    • Only one tutorial, but a lengthy one at just over 2 hours for making a laser shooting effect with the cascade particle editor and blueprints
    • Oh, and he has some super awesome short showcase videos of things he has accomplished so far in UE4 (I LOVE HIS KEYPAD VIDS)


    Iwan Gabovitch
    • Youtube:
    • This guys makes tutorials on how to make certain sound effects.
    • Now, while this guy may not make UE4 tutorials or may not even know what UE4 is, he is pretty amazing if you want to get some simple sound effects into your games.
    • Also, he has a good number of example sound effects for your listening pleasure.
    • My favorite of his tutorials is how to make yourself sound like a protoss.

    Unreal Engine
    • Oh, and don’t forget about Epic’s personal channel chock full of tutorial goodness.

    EastForge Entertainment

    Center Mass Development



    • Youtube:
    • This guy has an amazing 7 part series of him recreating a scene from some concept art in UE4, going over the modeling, texturing, materials, and even discussion on the theory of the recreation. Its’ pretty fantastic.

    Jonas Tykesson






    • While this guy currently doesn’t have any UE4 tutorials, he does have some good UDK tutorials and has stated that he is planning on moving into making UE4 tutorials, so give him much love and views so that he will feel inspired to make goodies sooner.

    Steve P

    One off community tutorials UE4

    UDK/Other Community Tutorials

    Due to the awesome design choices of the Unreal build team, a lot of its features are similar to those in other programs, meaning that a lot of tutorials not designed specifically around UE4 can still be useful to the UE4 community. UDK tutorials are the best, as the material editor and Cascade editor are both very similar and don’t require much guesswork. Other programs, however, can at least be conceptually helpful in the creation of UE4 content.

    Community Showcases/Projects

    Sites/Tools for UE4 that are becoming Cheap

    • IKinema
      • $20 a month
      • Yea, this toolset is pretty much the solution to any and all problems you might run into trying to make characters react dynamically to the world around them. Need to point your bow at a monster? Easy. Want your ogre to punch your character in the face, and not the air near his head? Simple.
      • Oh, and don’t forget, they have a ton of how to tutorials on their youtube channel.

    • Coherent UI
      • Oh wow, a way to make super awesome HUD elements and such. And whats more, its cheaper per month than UE4 itself is. What is this madness? Though, you might want to brush up on your html5 skillz… I think?
      • Oh, they also have youtube tutorials!

    • Quixel
      • Pretty much the best program in existence (my opinion) for texturing assets is the Quixel Suite, which goes into open beta June 9. And by open beta, I mean free for everyone, even if you don’t pre purchase. For those who do want to purchase the Quixel Suite, if you pre purchase, you get tons more included textures to play with during the open beta, so you better hurry! And, all of the pricing is super cheap. For those who just want to play around and not sell assets you make with this, Academic is $50. Wanna sell individual assets you make with this online? Hobby/Freelance is $99. Wanna make a game with these goods with a couple of friends? Indie is $250. All in all, quite the cheap setup, especially if you want to test it out first. Oh, and best yet, there will be UE4 integration, though to what degree is still unknown.

    • Speedtree
      • Do you like trees? Of course you do! So, in less than a month, you should go and get the awesome speedtree program that will allow you to make amazing trees to put into your games! Either next week or the week after, speedtree is going to be a guest on the UE4 Twitch livestream and they will be talking about their integration with UE4 as well as their new CHEAP pricing plan for all us indie gamers. Huzzah!

    Websites to know

    Tons of particle effects

    Yea, I don’t really have words to describe the images that are passing before my eyes, so I’ll just name the people who post them to the internets

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    nice thread though i think you should change the title so that it fits the thread.

    one strange things is that i'm not mentioned uhmmmm !!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geodav View Post
    one strange things is that i'm not mentioned uhmmmm !!!!
    its a nice are in there geo dav

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    Very nice. Thank you.

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    That's quite a compilation. Nice work!

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    sorry found me and yes it is a wonderful list and i do hope he keeps it up to date
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    Wow! Somebody has got a lot of free time, or is living off Jolt Cola and Snickers. Really Amazing! I've been trying to collect just a small amount of this stuff into my favorites bar, but you my friend have gone above and beyond. This is going to become my number one reference point. Thank You. Um, I may have missed it, but I didn't see any references to "fighter5347's" tutorials. Whoops, nevermind; fighter5347 = MetalGameStudios. Again, Impressive!

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    This is GREAT man, thanks !

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    Wow, billion kudos to you, excellent compilation!

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    Very nice list, appreciate the work you've put in!

    Btw, maybe it's an idea to link to youtube for the twitch streams

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    Quote Originally Posted by breese45 View Post
    Um, I may have missed it, but I didn't see any references to "fighter5347's" tutorials. Whoops, nevermind; fighter5347 = MetalGameStudios. Again, Impressive!
    I also searched for fighter5347 when I was going through this list

    Very cool thread!

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    @GeoDav dont worry buddy, your definately in there Also, good idea for name change. I just named this weekly because that was my intention at the start, though my intention slowly melted away to something less grand as I struggled to put this together T_T

    @Thommie Good idea. Fixed.

    @fighter5347 Hey, didn't realize that metalgamestudios had a different forum name. Fixed.

    Changed the Title to Unreal News Mega Collection. If a dev could see fit to perhaps change the forum thread name to match, I'd be truly appreciative.

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    I'm looking for a collection of all of the content UE has released in all sample, demo levels? Does anyone have that all put together in a collection?

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    wow, great work!

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    Fantastic. Thanks a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knobbynobbes View Post

    @fighter5347 Hey, didn't realize that metalgamestudios had a different forum name. Fixed.
    Nice, thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberAxe View Post
    I'm looking for a collection of all of the content UE has released in all sample, demo levels? Does anyone have that all put together in a collection?
    And isn't there anyone providing free .uasset ready materials?
    I am using the Mockup material

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    This thread saves me some headaches. I have about 1700(Not all directly UE4 related) tabs open in my UE4 Browser profile(64-bit Firefox variant) and I use different profiles for different topics, each running in their own processor instance.. So... Yay! Thanks.

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    Wow, thanks for the shout out! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

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    Awesome! Thanks for this!
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    Great initiative! Even while keeping a close eye on the news there is always some awesome stuff I will miss, so I love this.

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    Awesome thread, much appreciated! Bookmarked and moved to the top of the UE4 folder

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    Amazing effort and a great resource, hope you're able to maintain this thread! much appreciated

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    This thread is so full of WIN! Thank you all for your contributions - and special kudos to Knobbynobbes for organizing the list.

    We've published a Community Tutorials playlist here:

    We're still adding to it but feel free to reply if there's content not listed above that we should include.

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    Fantastic list! Bookmarked.
    You can add my greenlit game to the projects list if you want so
    ( )

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    This is great, I'm subscribing for sure!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowl View Post

    We've published a Community Tutorials playlist here:
    Nice! Thank you for creating that playlist

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    Wonderfull list, thank you very much!

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    You sir are a god amongst men. Thank you very much for the time it must have taken compiling this list.

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    This thread is soo valueable! Thank you : D

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    This is gold.

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    In the Portuguese language I know that channel below making tutorials UE4.x
    Playlist =
    Unreal Development Kit/Unreal Engine 4 User

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    PM me if you need help with Chinese Paypal or anything

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    Ty for the offer Nero Xiao, but unforunately, I don't have enough money to purchase access to their site atm. Maybe after summer....

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    I think this short little rundown (tutorial kind of) of adding a custom lighting model could do with a little more exposure: feel free to add it to the list

    Also AudioKinetic WWise have an integration available for UE4. Anyone interested just need to email them, they even offer a non-commercial license.

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    Holy toleto. Incredible list. Thanks!

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    This is a great list of resources! Thanks for maintaining this, Knobbynobbes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Sweeney View Post
    This is a great list of resources! Thanks for maintaining this, Knobbynobbes!
    hellow 8-|

    @Knobbynobbes : plz add this great tutorial(although have not sound), about ~200 part(No timelapse):
    A Dark Journey | Live Game Development (Unreal Engine 4, Blender,....)
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    Wow, I had no idea this even existed. Can we get someone to make an updated version?

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