can I use a fully body IK of me moving around to create animations for a NPC cut scene?

I have a vision of using myself and recording the movements in game, for cut scenes. so if my VR character meets an NPC, can I go to a cut scene that will use my body movements of me moving around instead of me using say blender or another 3d app to do the animations?

so can I record my own IK movements for cut scenes cutting the time out of doing the animations manually?

You can do that by using a full body mocap suit or the Vive Trackers, using the HMD to see the yourself moving in the game, and record the animations while you’re doing the movements.
In UE4 you are able to record the animations and save them to file, and within UE4 you are also able to have som e degree of control on the animation ( cut animation lenght, tweaking ), but for a proper mocap cleanup it is better to export the animation in Motion Builder/Maya/Blender, do the cleanup there, and then reimport the animation in UE4.

I’ve done this for using Vive Trackers + IKinema Orion, and it works quite nicely, since as soon as I finished recording the animations I can use them directly in game ( as a temporary animation of course ), to see if everything looks right or if I need to change something or do the animation in a different way.