Can I transform a heap of static meshes into foliage

Hi there guys,

So I’m launching my project very soon, but I’ve found that I made a little design mistake from the beginning that I cannot seem to undo all too quickly at this point.

I have created two forest maps, both of which contain many MANY trees (and some rocks) of the same type. Now, I’ve placed all these trees as static meshes and I’ve also added about 1-2 static meshes per tree that contain additional sprouting branches and roots. In total it’s about 250 static meshes per map. Now I was thinking, since I’m using only about 5-8 different meshes on each map, it might have been a lot better to add them as foliage, as instancing could drastically reduce the amount of draw calls, since (as far as I know) UE4 still doesn’t support static batching.

Is there any way to transform and insert this huge pile of meshes I have into my foliage actor? Or another way to go about having them drawn through instancing?

The performance of the project is just about acceptable, but I would love to be able to up the (VR) screen size a little.

Thanks, cya!

I don’t think you can turn them into foliage but you can instance them after placing them.
I would recommend this plugin for making instancing a breeze: Instance Tool in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace