can I throw material with Substance Painter in Unreal Editor

I made a chair model and divided into 2 parts of the chair leg and all the rest and made a sweep I suppose I wanted to create so that in the game the player could choose how to paint his chair legs and the top part I made different kinds of materials in the Substance Painter and like there are two ways exactly unsure the first one to tick this in the Substance Painter I need to throw up the material and if I take this material and I can throw it in the Unreal Editor and there he himself protskusturit or not?

what are you trying to say? your english is not understandable, please find a way to explain it in a more understandable manner. use pictures if needed.

im guessing that your trying to use materials from substance painter in unreal engine. if thats the case it is possible but im not experienced with that, im sure there are tutorials on how to do it online.

here for example the sword he has 3 parts I throw it in the Substance Painter and there I am setting up smart materials here is such a question and I can take smart materials from Substance Painter and apply it already in Unreal Editor so as not to waste time just to arrange 5 materials for 3 parts long and could not show how to transfer smart materials if possible

doesnt the things from substance get baked into textures which you can then import into unreal. then you could setup a master material and a instance for each item. you could also look into using the livelink which enables you to make changes from substance apply in ye4 in real time.

still not 100% on what your asking and i dont work in substance.

no I do not mean this way I mean I can here this smart material to move in the Unreal Editor 4 and there Prosna to impose these smart materials or Ani are not supported in Unreal Editor 4, I will have on each part of 6 materials to build and save and get a bunch of textures and then push them in Unreal Editor 4