can i switch between levels keeping the main character and the hud

Hi everybody here,
so as i am a totally noob in blueprints and programming in ue4 i need some good advice how to solve the main system for my point & click adventure game.

how am i supposed to handle changing from one room (level) to another ?

do i have to have the hud and character in every level, or is there a way to keep both and only exchange the room (level) ?
is there somewhere you can point me for a good start (maybe a tutorial or even better an example project …).

kind regards

i am pretty sure that unreal is designed to make all levels “as new” with nothing loaded from before but the gamemode and the saveslots that you load and save… so i am pretty sure that you have to save your hud info and player before exit and load when you begin a level or a room

Game mode blueprints store the HUD, Character BP, Controller BP, etc. Are you using the same game mode for every level?

Hi Est_engine, Hi Haoris,
thx for your answers !

this depends i guess.
hud will be the same for all levels (typical inventory system and options) (but maybe both main characters will have s slightly different hud …)
there will be two main characters. most time you will only control the male one, but in some levels you will control the female one, and in some levels i want to control both, with possibility to switch between them.

You can use level streaming to achieve that.

This is a youtube tutorial to teach you level streaming: