Can I spawn different meshes from the same emitter with NIAGARA?

I’m trying to simulate a realistic windstorm in Niagara and, to achieve that, I’m creating a NiagaraSystem that spawn leaves, small debris or scrap paper, and stuff like that. For the leaves I’m spawning simple planes with a leaf texture on them, and I would love to use the many different leaves that I have on the atlas texture instead of the same one everytime. I guess the right way would be to spawn different plane meshes with the right UVs so to get different leaves on the same atlas texture, but I can’t figure how to make the same emitter spawn various meshes, I can only spawn one. I could easily solve this by duplicating the emitter and using a different mesh for each one, but it’s a silly and heavy workaround (performance - wise). Is there a way to spawn different meshes with the same emitter?
Thanks for the help!!!

Have you tried using multiple MeshRenderer modules with different Renderer Visibility ?
You must also set the VisibilityTag Attribute for your particles (Each particle will use the Renderer that match its VisibilityTag)