Can I set the render order?

I have mulitple plains as parallax moving landscape in the background but sometimes the render order is wrong. Can I set something like render layer for each of the plains?

I don’t know if you can even do that by default there depth buffer. but theres work around if you game is 2D-ish. Switch camera to orthographic mode, it creates flat projection in which distance does not matter and you can set draw order by distance, but i don’t know if that will work with thing you doing.

Hey thanks for your response. Its a 3d game with perspective view.

Ok maybe i should say this :stuck_out_tongue: as a developer you are illusionist it doesn ot matter what you see in editor, it matter what player see, i think even with 3D objects you can play with distance and FOV you should acive some parallax effect withou objects colliding eachother

The problem was i had the textures on a translucent material. I set it to masked and connected the textures color information from base color to emissive color. Now the render order fits perfect.

did u find how to solve the problem? i have same problem,so…?