Can I set different execution flow for Editor play or packaged play?

That would simplify my life a lot these days.

Is it possible?

Maybe in a similar way that the PrintString nodes are ignored in distribution packages, some kind of flag in some node that changes behaviour depending on this. Or some function deep in the engine content…

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maybe this can help? :face_with_monocle:

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Yeah, something like that. But that works to diferentiate Shipping or Development packages, but not to discriminate between Editor or Packaged game play.

What I want to do is activate the event construct of BPs when in editor, but those code to be ignored on package. At this point my best woraround is I manually switch on a checkbox (exposed boolean) on any BPactor I want to edit, that filters the EventConstruct flow on that BP, and don’t forget to switch it off again when I finish editing.

Not too bad, but I have some other twaks to do at game setup everytime I package. Would love to automate all this, I’m to spend 7-8 weeks working with this system…