Can I run multiple server instances in the same dedicate server?

I have read some topic in the forum, they said there only one map can run one dedicate server. I am OK with that. But I wondered can I run multiple instances of same map in on dedicate server? Because, I have found UE create two game instances in the PIE mode by CreatePIEWorldByDuplication function(one as server, one as client). If it’s works, I could use it as ‘copy level’. Is there anyone have done this before?

You could run VMware on a dedicated server and spin up as many server boxes that you want. I’m not sure if you can run multiple UE servers on the same OS.

You can run as many servers on the same OS as you like (providing you have enough memory and CPU power).

First dedicated server will listen on port 7777, next on 7778, etc.

Works just fine.

You’d obviously need to build whatever logic is needed to direct players to appropriate servers, and to get servers to load appropriate maps (or the same map multiple times)

Dayum must put this in my “nice find” things

Also, to answer your question: AFAIK, ONE Server can have ONE map. It doesn’t mapper if the map is different or the same.
So you will need to create new Servers for multiple maps, even if it’s the same map every time.

Correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t seem like a solution that can scale very well. What if you have thousands of instances? I’m currently at the same position at the moment, and I’m leaning towards implementing my own custom server/client architecture for this reason.

By lord Gaben the great, Why do you need thousands of instances of a server on the same machine? Even MMORPG don’t need more than a few dozen servers.

I’m interested to know what kind of project is it ?

Think of dungeons/raids in traditional MMO’s (One separate instance per team), or Guild wars 1’s instances (No open world, each party got its own instance of the map) or MOBA games (Each pair of teams in separate instance). The game I’m making is an arena type of game. The server matches you with another client, and you both go into one instance, play, and then go back into the lobby once the fight is over.

Maybe my expression was not very well. I wondered multiple sever ‘gameinstance’ in the same dedicate server program instance. I am not asking networking config or multiple server in the same OS or different OS.

Since you have access to full C++ source code, in theory it is possible to do that. But not without quite significant changes to the way engine works.

I’d rather go with multiple servers with additional game layer code that sync and shares data between servers. It won’t require modification of engine and still allow for decent player experience.

Like in MMO type game it’d be better to automatically connect player to a different server when it exits the current map . To make server travels less frequent I’d divide the world into a some small no of maps put each map on a separate server and then divide these maps into smaller streaming levels

But Hey if anyone’s got brains and skills they can do it in a no of ways!