Can I render a video with transparency in UE?

For example, let’s say that I want to record a turntable of a 3D model in UE, then use the clip on top of some background in video editing app. Is it even possible?.. Maybe from Sequencer with some custom depth info?

At this time UE not able to give that you directly; But I have Solution For this…,

You Just Want TurnTable Right…,
Use A flat Background Like Matt Pass while You render Your Model.
Then You Can Seperate That Colour as for alpha Using Foundry Nuke Or Adobe After Effect. You can also do This in Photoshop CC.

It is simple process like Rotoscopy for excrate mask or Alpha.

That’s a good idea, I’ll try that. So basically a green screen inside UE to key it out in video app :slight_smile: Thanks!

Or delete all lighting (everything black), disable bloom, use fully white skybox. A b/w mask

You are Wellcome…,

That Can Also Be Solution … You Give Me another Idea Thanks…

Plz tell me How to create white skybox. I am new in unreal engine.