Can I publish a game with overlapping uvs?

I have a mesh with overlapping uvs by 2.7% and one with 1.4% I can’t see any discoloring when textured and with the lighting built but was wondering if it would be a problem when I want to ship my game. So is it ok to have overlapping uvs if I can see any discoloring or bad lighting?

Technically it is possible to ignore that errormessage after building the light and doing an export.
And if you cant see the overlapping texture or broken lightmap, imho, i would say what you see is what you get and if it doesnt look broken its ok.
The other way would be to use an external program like Blender, C4D, Maya or 3DMax to redo the uvmapping until you get rid of all errors. If you are used to it, its just a few minutes work.

I hope this answer was helpful

Thank you, it was very helpful.