Can I project a sphere mask onto a render target?

I may be interpreting texture coordinates wrong, but I have a render target (256,256) and a render target with a draw material to texture node. Location is controlled by a MPC (ideally radius is as well), but the sphere is drawn at the top left coordinate instead of (0.5, 0.5) in the center.


I solved this issue by creating a second material that reads the texture such that:

  1. The first material converts the sphere mask to UV space with an offset (1/2 of the render target size).
  2. The first material is written to the render target with the “Draw Material to Render Target” node
  3. The second material reads in the render target and projects it onto the object by converting to UV space.

Reviving this old topic as I am curious how this works - how will Draw Material to Render Target work with Absolute World Position since the material wont be on the mesh? SceneCapture2D?