Can i Place foliage on static mesh by densitymap

I want to “paint” foliage on a static mesh while at the same time painting texture on the static mesh.

I also require optimization such as distance culling, lod, batching… so it would be perfect if i could leaverage UE4’s foliage tool.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

i think you just have to do the texture and foilage separately. or possibly edit the mesh from the foilage to have a plane underneath and have your texture on that plane.

Aye, I think your right. But I found a reasonable solution. Paint your texture-mask however your prefer, then export the texturemask as a TGA, then in the vertexPaint tool, import the texture-mask as vertex colors. You can then use the foliage tool’s vertcolor masking option to put the foliage only in the masked areas mask.

yeah, that should work

I know this is an old thread but did you guys get the vert color mask to work on a static mesh? I dont even have the option on my foliage tool.