Can i parent particles to another object?

I’ve been trying to use particle systems for a number of effects on a character - but i have run into problems as the character moves around alot which tends to cause particles to scatter all over the place and ruin the effect.

Anyway, my initial thought to solve this would be to force the particles to inherit the parent object’s velocity over their lifetime. While i see that this can be done on particle spawn (inherit parent velocity) , I don’t see a way that i can do that over the particle’s lifetime. Is that possible?

Failing that, are there common practices to making a particle system more predictable when attached to a dynamic object?

thank you!

I do not know if it helps, but have you tried to use the “Use Local Space” option in the Required-Module of your particles?

d’oh, after a bit of trying that did indeed do the trick. Thank you sir!