Can i paint vertex color on a spline mesh blueprint?

Can i paint vertex color on a spline mesh blueprint? I used it to create a road/sidewalk and was hoping to add puddles with vertex painting but so far it doesnt work when i try to paint on in it in UE5.2


Hi Kurylo3d,

Yes you should be able to - I just tested painting a road with mesh paint in 5.2 and it worked (although I hadn’t added the vertex color values into the material).

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Hi @kurylo3d,
Got the same issue. SplineMeshActors just don’t get any paint no matter how much I press the buttons.


It seems like vertex painting of Spline Meshes doesn’t work anymore in 5.2. It works in 5.1.
The PaintVerticesLerpAlongAxis and PaintVerticesSingleColor functions are bugged in 5.2, it’s a regression from 5.1. They work on regular static meshes, but not on spline meshes.


how do we file a bug report?

how do we file a bug report? Then.

Are you sure you are in 5.2 ? Everyone else commenting have my same exact issue if it not working.

I added code to colorize in the material and you’re correct, it seems to do everything except paint on the mesh…

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Same problem here. UE5.2 Vertex paint on spline mesh Not working.
And UE 5.1 Vertex paint on spline meshIt is disastrous, it can be painted but with many errors.

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Already submitted, and the “Target Fix [5.5]”


Gonna be kidding me, 5.5

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Well, still bugged in 5.3, indeed… Which practically kills my MP product until 5.5, judging from:

A fix for this has been committed to main

Too bad, I don’t think this made it into 5.4, says target fix will be 5.5. I could probably apply the fix myself, but vertex paint on spline mesh is still broken as of Preview 1 from my tests.

in 5.4 its not visible in editor however when merging the mesh with “merge actor” tool the colors are applied. Dont forget to set the “bake vertex data to mesh” to true. I think this is a workable solution for engine versions 5.2 till 5.5. (did not test this)

Hope it helps