Can i paint техture individually on one of same meshes?

Have you looked into Vertex Painting ?

Here’s a video demonstrating it but it is quite old so some things may be slightly different.

I’m buildig cliff mountain which comprises many copied modules and i need to paint grass textures on some of them.
Is it possible?

Thanks for quick reply but that is not what i’m looking for.
I have alrady built material that allows to pain texture but when i paint it adds texture on every copied mesh instead only one of them.

No im painting after i have built scene.
Dublicated objets have asigned one same material right?So if i’m paint it changes on every same object.
Your screenshot is exectly what i need i don’t
know how to do that.

It work’s!!! My material was built wrong.
Last question is…can i paint so in texture mode not in vertex?
Some modules have big scale stretching so painted texture are blured.

are you duplicating the rock after you have painted it or something?

It works fine for me here:

Can you post a screenshot of your material and how you are painting it?

There’s not really an easy way to do it, the painter is going by UV’s and vertexes.

I’m not looking for easy way) I’m buildig large tiled world with underwater world and trying to achieve super random phtorealistic view.
Thank you for helping me out!