Can I ordering a screen space text widget?

Hi, I have a simple widget with a text on screen space for naming the stones (image).
So the only problem is, that the text is not behind other objects for example like the player (you can see on the image).
Is there a way to use screen space text and render it in the background / behind other objects without hiding it completly?


Use 3D Widget Component so the widget will be placed in World.
Else, if you use only a simple text, better using TextComponent instead.

Thank you for answer. With 3d widget component you mean a widget, that is in world space?
Iam very new in unreal and iam testing many features and learning lot of things.
Yes, my alternative is a simple widget with a text and icons with scaling and rotating how it looks like a screen space widget. But my biggest problem is, that the text is a little bit blurry with that. The screenspace widget is very clearly and sharpen - thats what i want, only in world space.

Do you know about the quality of a text widget in world space or have some tips for that? :slight_smile:

Take a look Widget Components in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation . Else, trying to put a screen space widget behind a world space object seems to be impossible. Widget Component look like the solution for your texts. For Text Component :

All right, that help me to find the right way, thank you. But why my small text (for example for showing the playername above his head) is so blurry or not sharp? The font is Verdana size 8, the widget is 300x50 px. The text looks very blurry, not clearly. Should my widget the wrong size or is the font not usefull? In screen space looks much better… i can make a screenshot of that

The second link above should help you to fix that. You have to create a font material for your custom font.