Can I not flush the screen white when loading maps?

I’m getting a split second white screen flash when transitioning between maps with loading screens enabled. In the past, the project that this concerns would simply just show a white screen when loading earlier in development when loading screens were not implemented.

I’ve tried looking for it but I can’t find exactly how this is being done. I’d like to find this white screen render which I’m assuming is a screen flush of some kind and instead of flush the screen white, I’d like to flush it black. This bright solid whiteness is pretty annoying in the project this concerns which mostly consists of dark scenes.

Looking for a fix for this as well. Happening any time we play any video in 4.7.3, even if we open a video file from the content browser, the viewport in the media viewer flashes white… seems to be an engine video player problem?

Yes, Epic, please help!

Same here. My poor, poor eyes.

Same thing here, except that’s not a white screen but a random 2D texture from the project appearing during the flash

Hey everyone-

This issue has been reported for investigation (UE-18829) for investigation. Unfortunately there is no timeframe of when this issue will be fixed as our resources are allocated elsewhere. I have updated the current bug report to indicate that this is still a problem.