Can I make path finding less accurate

Im making an action Tower defense game. Im using Environment Query for the enemies to find the point that they need to get to for their goal. Right now they find the most efficient path and they start to form a single file line the closer they get to the goal. What I want is for them to find a less accurate path so that they stay spread out as they move towards the goal. Any suggestion on how to make this happen would be appreciated, thank you

Pathfinding can be a bit tricky. If you don’t want to jump into the core code or write your own system then I would suggest making a bunch of waypoints along that path and before moving to that waypoint, get a random navigatable position around that waypoint.

Alternatively, you can look into flocking mechanics that will keep your AI repelling from each other the closer they are to each other. This will push them off of their “efficient path” as they move and make it more organic. It still has trouble dealing with corners though.