can i make an open world game in UE 4?????

Don’t listen to this guy. From his posting history it seems he only posts to troll the engine in the majority of his posts.

Unreal Engine has been known for being used in many open world games. Only thing is this is out of your scope with what seems to be your level of experience. You will need to edit the engine to do what you need it to. You have full source, so you can make it do whatever you want.

It will definitely be more complex to do, no matter what engine you use you will have to tweak the engine to be able to do what you need it to (or spend money to license middleware that does it for you). This is even true in Unity, which was his suggestion… Only difference is there is more middleware for Unity as it has had the Unity store for years now.

It’s just ironic that he discussed problems with an open world online game, when 1) You never mentioned an online game, and 2) you need middleware for ANY online game in Unity that’s more than the very most basic networking capabilities… and for SURE in an open world online game. There is a reason that even RUST uses uLink (and I am also licensed to uLink myself, having not even made a game nearly as complex as that).

When you say regular streaming without WB, is this something you just enable in editor once your terrains are imported ?

I also wonder, if I’m creating a mmo ( well, eventually, like the rest of us ), I will obviously need to be adding new terrain around what I’ve already added, so ( I’ve checked for video tuts,and not one shows how this might possibly be done) is this possible in anything but WB , and if so what mechanism does UE4 use ? :wink:


Check out the tutorials on streaming, and also the streaming map in the Content Examples project.

The only ‘content examples project’ I can find, related to streaming terrain is this:

Is that what you are referring to ?

I’m also not entirely sure how to proceed with the tutorial on streaming , given its not really meant for landscape so I shall have to adlib on that and assume what I need for just terrain streaming.

I wonder if its not just easier to just use world browser ( with no mp atm, which is fine) as from what I understand, its already setup to ‘stream’ in terrain from WM and the like.

thx for info

It’s a project download in the Marketplace. You can find it and dl it from there, and then open it from the project selector or via File -> Open Project once it’s downloaded.

(That link refers to one of the examples - the one for landscapes - as there are a bunch, separated into different maps.)

ok thx :wink:


No problem :slight_smile:

From what I understand there are some improvements to the World Browser in 4.3. Keep in mind though that it’s still an experimental feature.

I think between that and regular streaming you should be able to do what you want, though.

From what I understood currently to do it in multiplayer using “World Composition” (replacement of World Browser) you need to:

  • enable world composition in World Settings (all your levels will be used for streaming automatically it seems which can be not desired in some cases)
  • disable world origin rebasing also in World Settings
  • limit your total world size to WORLD_MAX radius around the world origin (+/-5km I believe)

For more info relative to World Composition in general the official page is there:
World Composition User Guide

I already tried myself with a few different streaming distances, added fog to make it look as seamless as possible etc… It works well when I run two test clients with Dedicated Server on. They both get levels loaded and unloaded correctly separately and their linked actors with them. There must still always be a persistent level of course with the players etc…

@GregBlast - would you be interested in setting up an example project? It seems like a lot of people want this functionality, but also have problems getting the initial setup going.

Don’t listen this dude, he clearly have no idea what he is talking, Unity is just a tool for kids compared with UE4. Or he is here to promote Unity … haha on Unreal forum!!!:))))

Yes, you can make a huge world with Unreal, also depends on what game type, are different scenarios, single player? Multi-player? You plan to use only on what UE4 comes with or you are able to write C++?

daaaaaamn right you can make mmo’s, fable legends and dead island 2 is open world i think but dead island is open world. plus its 4 player co op. so im sure you can make an open world mmo :slight_smile:

Since this thread is still near the top of the search results, for “Unreal Open World” and similar searches, we should have a note here setting the record straight: Unreal is now absolutely ideal for open world games.

If you have any concern, watch the 2015 GDC presentation at – the demo alone should sell it.

He’s right I’m currently working on an unannounced open world game created with Unity3D and I can tell you that we have a rather hard time to get it up and running with good performance and low loading times. Since we have no access to source code it’s very hard to optimize stuff for our needs. There are so many things missing here which we could really use in order to build the game that Unreal 4 has support for that we wished that at the time we started development Unreal 4 already announced its payment model.

I guess you could create an open world game with every engine you have source code access to but with some it would be a lot of work. An online multiplayer game even more so. I can tell you that an open world game on it’s own is a very large project and needs a lot of work to be done, but doing this online and dealing with all the hassle like collision detection, ai, cheating, lag compensation / interpolation and this while supporting a rather large amount of player is just so much more work. Eventhough Unreal 4 has built in multiplayer support I guess it won’t be very good for a lot of players (thats what one of the Lead Programmers told me @ GameCom last year anyway) so you would have to write other stuff by yourself like proximity lists in order to prevent too much bandwidth to be spend sending all the state updates to the players around and so on. You could use something like SmartFox as a standalone server solution, but this would confront you with a lot of stuff that is missing (physics, ai, data / asset handling like terrain and so on).

So I would highly advice against using Unity3D for an open world multiplayer game from my own experience because it confronts you with so much more hurdles. Unreal 4 isn’t perfect but has pretty good support for Open World Streaming methods as the others already mentioned + you always have Source Code access so it’s possible to highly adjust the engine to the needs of such an open world online game.

Please i want to study the c++ code for making an open world game please

I Think @Rifaath basically killed the thread with that post. But since that point has been made I would like to ask @Kiremos and other experts here.
How advanced should someone’s C++ knowledge (or any other language) should be in order to take the source code of UE4 and modify it to suite an open world game’s development?

This is coming from a guy like me who has very little coding experience and is basically a creative guy who has zero experience in coding anything. I do have resources with which I could hire people or spend a year or two learning things myself. So a point to the right direction would be very helpful here.

You can’t be serious about this; it’s trolling, right?! :rolleyes:

@OP, random fact: is easier to learn and create your own game engine from scratch than developing an “Open World” 3D game. Good luck.

Edit: just noticed the thread is old. And indeed, was a troll post :s

how can i make a open world single player game with random strutures

the funny thing is all the batman arkham games is open world and they are made with unreal engine

Open world game isn’t a very descriptive term. I am a one-man team, and am working on an open-world MMO project right now. It is taking me a lot of research before delving into the core mechanics (To make sure it is done right the first time), but I have a year’s work ahead of me.