Can i make an open world game in UE 4?

hello friends
i want to make an open world game. i want to know can i make an open world game in UE 4?
is it hard???
what s about C++ Programming??

Yep, you can create a open world game:

-use level streaming
-very good lods
-culling volumes

I’ve been wondering, does level streaming work for open worlds that are multiplayer like MMOs or DayZ?

I’ve been wondering, does level streaming work for open worlds that are multiplayer like MMOs or DayZ?

I’m not sure how you do it exactly, but you would need to store relevent information and sync it between players…like which level another player is in. While you’re running around the world, you would basically load all of the levels AROUND your player including the one you’re currently on. Whenever the level is loaded that the other player is in, you need to get their location and other relevant information in order to place them in the world.

Multiplayer coding is easier when you don’t think of other players as actual players. They’re actually just other objects moving around the world…not much different from an AI.

That’s a detailed answer :slight_smile:

short answer: no
medium answare: for open world use Unity
lons answare: level streaming, and the rest of techniques for traditional open world games do not are possible in a on-line game (the server need load all the map)

UE4 is a poor performance engine for this type of games, try another solution

Given that earlier versions of the engine have been used for MMO’s, I’m sure UE4 could be too.

Well I don’t see why not. It’s has been possible with UDK. I’ve been thinking of building a free roam for 4 player multiplayer to start out with. Just to see how it works out.

Hi Fireline,

Infinite UE4 worlds are now quite possible in single player games because of a coordinate system which shifts to the player’s location in a level (as opposed to the world), LODs, and per performance, improved memory management and better multithreading (handling up to ten cores now, as opposed to two) over its predecessor. Multi-player games are unable to take advantage of this coordinate shifting, though, so extremely large MP worlds would suffer from the same accuracy issues as Unity and other engines. Of course, now that the engine source is “out there”, who knows what solutions will become available in the near future.

A nice discussion about this can be found here: AnswerHub - Large Map](https://answers.unrealengine/questions/8774/large-map-big-world-vast-terrain.html)

Do you have any data to back this up?

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but if this is the first result in Google, and the fact that this has over 1600 views, this needs to be addressed. Unity is one of the worst game engines for open world games. In Unreal 4 you can setup a dedicated server right out of the box, create advanced LODs, level streaming, and culling in a snap. In Unity you’d need to coddle all of that together after spending a very long time learning the low level parts of the Unity engine.

You can read a real developer stating this right here - ://www.reddit/r/gamedev/comments/28l37c/one_year_ago_i_quit_my_day_job_and_launched_a/cibz9ak

This quoted post should either be added to by a moderator with an Unreal 4 developer’s statement or removed from Google’s first search result.

…would be interresting to get an answer from a competent(moderator with an Unreal 4 developer’s statement) person.

Search the forum for “World Browser”. There’s a nice tutorial video and thread about it. It’s an experimental feature, but it allows you to connect up maps in a grid for streaming, along with origin rebasing (i.e., so you avoid floating point precision problems). It can import tiled heightmap terrain from World Machine.

Right now it doesn’t work with multiplayer though, but you could use regular streaming to do a smaller scale prototype and replace it with the World Browser later, if you’re doing multiplayer.

Don’t listen to this guy. From his posting history it seems he only posts to troll the engine in the majority of his posts.

Unreal Engine has been known for being used in many open world games. Only thing is this is out of your scope with what seems to be your level of experience. You will need to edit the engine to do what you need it to. You have full source, so you can make it do whatever you want.

It will definitely be more complex to do, no matter what engine you use you will have to tweak the engine to be able to do what you need it to (or spend money to license middleware that does it for you). This is even true in Unity, which was his suggestion… Only difference is there is more middleware for Unity as it has had the Unity store for years now.

It’s just ironic that he discussed problems with an open world online game, when 1) You never mentioned an online game, and 2) you need middleware for ANY online game in Unity that’s more than the very most basic networking capabilities… and for SURE in an open world online game. There is a reason that even RUST uses uLink (and I am also licensed to uLink myself, having not even made a game nearly as complex as that).

When you say regular streaming without WB, is this something you just enable in editor once your terrains are imported ?

I also wonder, if I’m creating a mmo ( well, eventually, like the rest of us ), I will obviously need to be adding new terrain around what I’ve already added, so ( I’ve checked for video tuts,and not one shows how this might possibly be done) is this possible in anything but WB , and if so what mechanism does UE4 use ? :wink:


Check out the tutorials on streaming, and also the streaming map in the Content Examples project.

The only ‘content examples project’ I can find, related to streaming terrain is this:


Is that what you are referring to ?

I’m also not entirely sure how to proceed with the tutorial on streaming , given its not really meant for landscape so I shall have to adlib on that and assume what I need for just terrain streaming.

I wonder if its not just easier to just use world browser ( with no mp atm, which is fine) as from what I understand, its already setup to ‘stream’ in terrain from WM and the like.

thx for info

It’s a project download in the Marketplace. You can find it and dl it from there, and then open it from the project selector or via File -> Open Project once it’s downloaded.

(That link refers to one of the examples - the one for landscapes - as there are a bunch, separated into different maps.)

ok thx :wink:


No problem :slight_smile:

From what I understand there are some improvements to the World Browser in 4.3. Keep in mind though that it’s still an experimental feature.

I think between that and regular streaming you should be able to do what you want, though.

From what I understood currently to do it in multiplayer using “World Composition” (replacement of World Browser) you need to:

  • enable world composition in World Settings (all your levels will be used for streaming automatically it seems which can be not desired in some cases)
  • disable world origin rebasing also in World Settings
  • limit your total world size to WORLD_MAX radius around the world origin (+/-5km I believe)

For more info relative to World Composition in general the official page is there:
World Composition User Guide

I already tried myself with a few different streaming distances, added fog to make it look as seamless as possible etc… It works well when I run two test clients with Dedicated Server on. They both get levels loaded and unloaded correctly separately and their linked actors with them. There must still always be a persistent level of course with the players etc…