Can I make a World Map strategy game in UE4?

I would like to map a world strategy game in UE4. If you are familiar with Paradox Games, Realpolitiks, it should be something that looks like those.

The general idea is that there is a hidden map/image (on top of the actual map) where each province has its own unique color and an algorithm is written to determine what province the user clicked on based on the color of the province, like this:

But the part I can’t figure out, is how to create such a world map in UE4 and be able to paint it. Ideally, I’m hoping that there’s a way UE4 can read a bmp file and generate a map based on it.

The other obstacle is coloring countries and highlighting borders. Ideally they should work like decals in the sense that they adjust to the shape of the object they’re on, because in such map as you see in the first screenshot there is height, mountain regions etc, so border lines should adjust accordingly.

Is this doable in UE4?