Can I load a different level for every Sequencer automatically?

Hello everybody!

So my problem, I guess it’s just an inconvenience, but i created an movie with a Master Sequencer, with multiple Level Sequencer inside. I want to change the light setups, vegetation, object positions in every Level Sequence, and I find it the easiest way to just create a new level for every setup, where i can change almost anything, especially foliage painting.

Here comes the problem: I can’t find a way let’s say in the Level Sequencer, an option to which level it should use, I have to render out every sequence now in it’s own level, and the Master Sequence is useless at this point.

It would be especially nice if I could use the Master Sequencer to just hit render, and the animation changes level automatically, loads the perfect setup for every shot, and render that, and put it together in one movie file at the end.

Is this possible somehow?

There’s a few possibilities:

  1. Use level visibility tracks and put your setups in sublevels. So for each setup, you’d show the corresponding sublevel and hide the others.
  2. Use spawnables. For each setup, you’d add all the actors as spawnables (ie. lights, vegetation, object positions) to the level sequence. Those would spawn for that level sequence and then despawn when done.
  3. Make a possessable track for each object and add tracks for every property that might change. This is a bit cumbersome to remember to add tracks for everything that might change. You could, however, take advantage of the “Auto Track” feature which automatically adds a track when things change. You can enable the auto tracking by turning on “Allow Sequencer Edits Only”. This means the edits will go to Sequencer as opposed to the level.

Hope this helps.